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Hendrix Business Systems, Inc.

Hendrix Business Systems is a technology company providing total office solutions and services focusing on helping your business or non-profit organization operate smoothly. We can help your organization with imaging and document management solutions, internet and communications systems, and workplace healthcare solutions.

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Since 1976, Hendrix Business Systems has been built on a foundation of service. Our Founder, Jack Hendrix, built the company with his own two hands; working on a wooden bench in a tiny carpenter’s shed behind his house, he repaired typewriters for anyone who needed his expertise. He was only able to build his client base by consistently and ethically providing reliable repairs and recommendations.

Three generations later, that same ethos of service persists at Hendrix and has proven to be the backbone of our success. Our dedication is to our customers, and not just to transactions. And our goal is to provide the right solution for each business, as we look beyond the right here and now and towards long-term client relationships.

To that end, we have expanded our products and services to include internet and communications systems and workplace healthcare systems. These products and services have been carefully selected to meet the needs of our clients that are looking for the high level of customer service that Hendrix Business Systems continues to provide.

Our core business is still providing businesses of all types and sizes with the highest quality Imaging Equipment and Document Solutions, and backing it up with award-winning service. As an Authorized Canon, HP®, and Xerox® independent dealer, we can offer the most reliable and technologically advanced printers and scanners available on the market today. Additionally, we have specialists in both High-Speed Production and Document Management—two areas that need dedicated and knowledgeable experts.

We employ specialists to meet with prospective clients and get a feel for their environment, so that we can answer their specific needs. While our competitors may have to ask a manufacturer to provide them with such specialists, we have them on staff; they’ll be available both before and after you become one of our clients. Just another way we can get you the right solutions and help you get the most out of your investments.

Hendrix Founders Hall Pic
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