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Higher quality, more efficient clean.
Whiz is a commercial robot vacuum built on a trusted AI platform to deliver reassurance in your space through visible, marketable, and effective cleaning automation technology. Whiz Connect, a SaaS application integrated with Whiz, combines cleaning metrics and data- driven analytics features to help monitor and improve your environment’s health and safety. Whiz is powered by BrainOS, the award-winning intelligent navigation platform.

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SMS Notifications:
Stay informed of Whiz activity with SMS support for operations managers and team leads. Receive near-time texts on your mobile device of assist notifications from specific robots to avoid delay in cleaning.

Insights for Managers and Executives:
Understand your Whiz’s performance and the value you get from your robots. Use the reports to track towards business goals, manage routes and locations of your units, and receive actionable suggestions to get the most out of Whiz.

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Leverage robotics and automation to drive brand value, differentiate from the competition, and move your business forward.

Live healthier in your day-to-day spaces with increased cleaning frequency, coverage, and efficacy and HEPA-grade filtration.

Meet occupant expectations to attract customers and talent, improve productivity.

Reinvent and monitor your physical environment with adaptable technology and near-time data.