Millennials Haven’t Killed Print: Canon Launches Print for Action Initiative to Show Print Remains an Influential Medium

Print has long been a powerful medium to inspire action, from promoting social change to influencing purchasing decisions. It therefore comes with little surprise to Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, that nearly half of Americans would feel sad in a world without print, according to survey findings released by the Company today. The Canon Print for Action Survey1, conducted by Ipsos, uncovers consumers’ perception and use of printed materials, as well as the importance of print in the minds of tomorrow’s business leaders.

“We are pleased to find that, despite living in what seems like a digital world, Millennials still count on print for information and inspiration,” says Shinichi Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “With our new Print for Action initiative, our goal is to highlight the power of print’s versatility by coupling Canon’s deep heritage in innovative imaging with proven statistics to educate and to help empower future business leaders.”

Statistics from the Canon Print for Action Survey reveal that the print medium has a favorable influence in many aspects of the lives of U.S. Millennials. From food and beverage purchasing decisions to study habits to relaxation techniques, print is a driving influence and one that seems here to stay. For instance, according to the Canon Print for Action Survey:

  • Millennials still send printed cards. In fact, for Valentine’s Day 2018, giving printed romance cards (30%) won out over sending e-cards (7%) for Millennials. Overall, in the twelve months prior to the survey1 more than half (51%) of Millennials gave someone a printed card for a celebratory moment or a holiday compared to just 18% that sent a digital greeting on those occasions.
  • Other than watching streaming services (56%), Millennials turn to books (48%) to relax. Nearly half of Millennials surveyed say reading a book makes them feel the most relaxed compared to activities like exercising (37%), cooking (37%) and meditating (21%).
  • Millennials still turn to print to plan out their days. In the twelve months prior to the survey1, 43% of Millennials used physical calendars and 30% of Millennials used planners for scheduling and staying organized.

The Canon Print for Action Survey covers more than just Millennials; its statistical findings span a range of demographics and market verticals. Generational findings all point toward the power of print, with only one-in-five Americans, as a whole, reporting that they rely solely on digital platforms.

With a breadth of expertise in production and wide-format printing, Canon print solutions and cutting-edge technology, including but not limited to the imagePROGRAF large format printer series and Océ Colorado wide format printer, help bring visions to life, which in turn have the power to influence the next generations of consumers. The Canon Print for Action Survey is the first component of an initiative meant to help Canon continue on its path of innovation to provide print solutions that spark creativity in the lives of consumers and help fuel its channel partners’ future success through the power of print.

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Meet our Operations Manager, Reggie Brice

His love for interacting with people and the gift of being a problem solver has brought him here. He is proactive, professional and quite frankly, he knows just how to get the job done.

Reggie has been a part of the Hendrix Business family for three years now. He describes his current role of Operations Manager as being a ‘real-life problem solver’. He’s the guy responsible for overseeing and managing the operations of the business for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. His typical day includes responding to customer queries and issues, dispatching technicians in a timely, effective manner and ensuring that tools and parts are procured and available for each job. Reggie is also responsible for scheduling new equipment sales and getting the customers equipment installed correctly and on time. Anything mechanical, operational or logistical, Reggie is there, ready to take a hands-on approach to things.

Reggie went to Cary High School in his hometown of Cary, North Carolina. After that, he pursued a Technical L4 qualification before working at a copy shop for some time. It was here that Reggie found his desire to work in this particular industry.

“I used to see the technicians come in and repair the copiers quite frequently and I somehow found that intriguing” – Reggie Brice

Reggie started as a technician and has moved his way up to a managerial position. He gained a wealth of experience which has allowed him to excel at his job. The real test of his expertise as Operations Manager is seen when several new clients come on board at the same time.

“Family time is time well spent!” Reggie is a big believer in this idea. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Carnisha and two kids, Olivia and Tyler. They spend time together doing family-planned activities and watching a lot of sports. Football, basketball, and race cars, yes, Reggie is a sports fanatic! When it comes to mentors, Reggie’s parents have always played a significant role in shaping his individuality; his honesty, his integrity, and his willingness are all values instilled in him from a young age.

When Reggie isn’t here fulfilling his role as Operations Manager, he enjoys playing the drums and making music. In fact, he is quite the drummer and keeps practicing whenever he gets the time. He has played in his church choir a few times and even at a couple weddings.

At Hendrix Business Systems, we work to maintain a close-knit culture and help our employees grow every step of the way. Reggie especially loves this about the company. He likes to see everyone happy and is known among his friends and peers as  ‘a regular prankster’. ‘Life is too short to be uptight’ he says, adding that it’s necessary for us to be more carefree rather than careless with our time and actions.


Toner Pirates and Printer Phone Scams

Ahoy! Beware of Toner Pirates and Printer Phone Scams


Shiver me timbers, toner pirates are at it again. This sounds like a funny office joke or a Saturday Night Live skit with the “Makin’ Copies” guy. It’s not. A bunch of our customers are reporting that these scammers have been calling them.


As silly as “toner pirates” might sound, make sure everyone in your office understands that this is a real thing and to NEVER order copier/printer supplies from an unsolicited phone call. How real? In 2016, 21 people were arrested in a $126 million telemarketing scam for “selling them (small business and charities) overpriced toner for printers and photocopiers.”

The Toner Pirate Scam

Toner pirates are telemarketing scammers. These scurvy scallywags will lie and say they are representing us (Canon Solutions America or Canon Financial Services). Other times they’ll claim to be from a national toner supplier.

The call sounds helpful and preys on everyone’s desire for a “good deal.” Toner prices are about to go up – order now to save money before toner price rises.  

You then receive low-grade toner cartridges and an invoice stating that you owe 3 times the price you would normally pay for them. If you return the cartridges, you’ll be charged a 15% restocking fee!

These yellow-livered bamboozlers use different tactics to scam you:

  • They pretend to be from your regular supplier or the copier manufacturer. The pitch could be that price is increasing or they have a surplus and are selling at a discount or they need to send you a new manual for your copier.
  • Unordered supplies. You’ll receive an invoice for supplies you never ordered billed to the company address and an employee name they gathered from your website, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Lucky winner! These bilge-sucking barnacles will entice someone in your office with a “free gift” in return for telling them what supplies you use. They’ll then send the merchandise (also overpriced in addition to being unordered) with an invoice to that employee’s name. The scam is that you think you have to pay the invoice.
  • Invoices galore. They keep sending invoices with “past due” and threats of legal action or turning you over to a collection agency until you send payment.

10 Ways to Spot a Toner Pirate

  • The company name is intended to sound like a government agency or the caller says they are affiliated with a company name that is similar to your own supplier’s name.
  • You must act NOW! Either immediately or that day.
  • The caller acts like they’ve done business with you before.
  • Unwilling to send prices in writing.
  • Unwilling to give you references.
  • Caller asks for your copier, fax, or printer model number.
  • Caller asks for the serial number of your copier, fax, or printer.
  • Refuses to give you an actual dollar amount.
  • Offer of a free gift for ordering.
  • The caller is often located out of state and won’t give you an exact address.

Send Them to Davey Jones’ Locker

Here are steps to avoid being scammed by these peg-legged, swag bellied sea rats:

  • Train all employees to not buy supplies from unsolicited phone calls
  • Assign only one person to be in charge of ordering office supplies and refer all such calls to that person
  • Never provide details about your equipment over the phone — toner pirates will call to collect small bits of information that they can use to make future interactions seem authentic and valid
  • Do not tell strangers your copier serial number, make or model over the phone
  • Know the contact person for your supply and Managed Print service company
  • Never sign for and accept a shipment you did not order
  • Buyer Beware — If an offer seems too good to be true, it is

It’s a gift. You are not legally obligated to pay for goods you didn’t order. If you do receive supplies:

  1. don’t pay
  2. don’t return it
  3. treat it as a gift (but do not use it is may not be an OEM toner)

There you have it. Everything you need to know to avoid being scammed and to sink every toner pirate ship.

Meet Cortney Hendrix, our Assistant Manager of Marketing and Operations

Cortney joined Hendrix Business Systems in June 2018, but truth be told, she wasn’t always the savvy, business-oriented person she is today. In fact, you could say she was perhaps the complete opposite. Cortney graduated from East Carolina University with a BFA in Theatrical Design and Production–with a concentration in makeup–in 2009. She then went on to graduate with a Master Makeup Artist Degree for Film and Television in New York City. It was there that she lived and worked as a special effects makeup artist in the film and television industry for seven years, plying her trade on such projects as Quatro Terra, Rockaway (2017) and The Karma Club (2016). What’s interesting is that even though the industries are so unlike each other, Cortney’s experience working in the film and television industry, dealing with both sides of the camera, and learning different technologies in the companies she worked for have given her the tools to grow her vision and help take Hendrix into the next generation.

Cortney speaks passionately about Hendrix Business Systems. She is proud that the company has grown from just three people to over seventy-five employees. The hard work and investment that her dad and family put into the business over the years have not only inspired her to always keep striving for greatness, but have also taught her invaluable lessons that shaped her into the person she is today. As Assistant Manager of Marketing & Operations, Cortney mostly focuses on maintaining company morale, dealing with event planning and social media, and developing marketing initiatives. She brings a fresh outlook and trendy ideas,but also really just enjoys learning on the job. Hendrix has four office locations and Cortney has been working hand in hand with the team to help ensure all things run smoothly. She has even been busy assisting with the organization of our Founders’ Club trip and big sales kick-off in January, specially planned for all our salespeople. “We want people to be happy working here,” she says. We try to maintain a close-knit culture among all our employees, and a little appreciation goes a long way.

Cortney is a woman of her words! She says what she means and she means what she says, and that makes her perfect for her role. This philosophy also allows for character building, something which she is constantly working on. Staying true to her roots, she enjoys the dramatic arts all ways, from taking in a play to just watching some good old Netflix! Traveling, good food, and new experiences are always on her horizon; France was by far her favorite destination, combining the best of all three. She has had many wonderful experiences throughout her work and personal life which, she added, will aid her in eventually transitioning into an executive position. She has many great ideas and is looking forward to putting her own spin on things here at Hendrix Business Systems.

Security Seminar – February 12, 2019! Two Sessions!!

Do you cover the camera on your laptop or iPad when it’s not in use? Technology is wonderful and convenient- but it also leaves us vulnerable in both our personal and professional lives. Hackers count on us to stay vulnerable and ultimately exposed. Have you ever thought about your networked printer or multifunction device in the office as a potential liability to company security? Did you know they could potentially be used as a gateway for hackers too?
If this raised an eyebrow, (we hope it did) you cannot miss our next Seminar event. Here you will learn how to protect your company information, and keep hackers out of your devices and network.


Hendrix Business Systems, Inc. Chosen as a 2018 Elite Dealer by ENX Magazine

Toluca Lake, CA, December 4, 2018 — ENX Magazine and ENX The Week In Imaging announced that Hendrix Business Systems, Inc. has been selected as a 2018 Elite Dealer. This annual Who’s Who of the office technology dealer community, which is published annually, will be featured in the December issue of ENX Magazine.

The 132-strong 2018 Elite Dealers were selected based on numerous criteria, including growth initiatives, innovative marketing programs, outstanding customer service, charitable contributions to the community, progressive workplace cultures and adaptability to an ever-changing market.

“We would like to congratulate our 2018 Elite Dealers, who continue to thrive and grow in a highly-competitive marketplace. Even as the needs of their clients continue to evolve, these dealers blend many 21st century tools and tactics with old-fashioned customer service—backed by a loyal workforce—to ensure successful outcomes,” said Susan Neimes, managing editor of ENX Magazine and ENX The Week In Imaging.

Added Erik Cagle, editorial director of ENX Magazine, “The strength and vitality of this group is a testament to their core values. It seems that every year, as the industry continues to consolidate, our roster of Elite Dealers continues to grow by leaps and bounds. There are many fascinating success stories to be told, and they can be found in our December issue.”

“We are ecstatic to be selected as a 2018 Elite Dealer by ENX Magazine,” said Roger Hendrix, President and CEO of Hendrix Business Systems, Inc. “Our team works hard every day to make things better in all aspects of our business. It is nice to be recognized by experts in our industry,” he continued.

About ENX Magazine

ENX Magazine is a monthly publication dedicated to the document technology industry since 1994. Now in its 25th year, ENX Magazine continues to deliver exclusive editorial coverage on market opportunities and issues, news and trends, company profiles, new products, and industry insights through interviews with key players in all segments of the document technology industry. With a circulation of more than 28,000 hard copies, ENX Magazine is the leading integrated resource that brings together industry people, products, and business concepts and strategies for document technology industry professionals.

The magazine also publishes ENX The Week In Imaging, a weekly e-newsletter that provides news, profiles, technology and business updates, along with blogs from some of the industry’s most prominent players.

About Hendrix Business Systems, Inc.

Hendrix Business Systems, Inc. is a privately held Charlotte-based technology company that specializes in providing businesses of all types and sizes with the highest quality imaging equipment and related software solutions. As an Authorized Canon®, HP® and Xerox® independent dealer, Hendrix Business Systems offers the most reliable brands available on the market today. Founded in 1976 as an office equipment repair service company, Hendrix Business Systems continues to operate with this same deep-seeded commitment to service by backing what they sell with award-winning service.

Hendrix Business Systems, current and future clients can visit one of four fully operational technology labs and showrooms located in uptown Charlotte, Matthews, Raleigh, or Greensboro, North Carolina. On exhibition, are everyday office imaging and document solutions, such as, Multifunction Copiers, Desktop Printers & Scanners. Plus, High-Speed Production Printing Equipment and document finishing equipment, like paper Cutters and Folders. These high tech lab environments offer “proof of concept” for our customers looking to understand the benefits that their suite of hardware and software solutions are capable of providing. For more information, please visit .


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Meet Kurt Hendrix , our Senior Vice President

A multi-talented ex-Army pilot, Kurt Hendrix has been an integral part of Hendrix Business Systems for more than three decades.  As a teenager, Kurt worked as a delivery person for his father, who was service manager at Royal Typewriters in Charlotte at the time.  However, he was quite eager to get out there and learn all sorts of new things. Initially, he went to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill for one semester. After that, he took about six months off before joining the Army where he became a helicopter pilot, serving for three years as an aviation warrant officer. He finally went back to college, this time at UNC Charlotte, where he majored in English and graduated summa cum laude in the year 1977. Kurt later served some additional years as a Commissioned Officer in the Army before going to work at Hendrix Business Systems,  a company started his father. He joined with his brother and brother-in-law to keep the mantle alight and the ball rolling when his father retired. In the beginning, they had only three technicians and one salesman/delivery person and today, Hendrix Business Systems has grown and expanded to employ sixty-five people, working at not just one but four locations!

Kurt explains that one of the best things about Hendrix Business Systems is the personal interactions between staff members and clients. Watching that one-on-one connection flowing from our technicians to our clients and vice versa has been one of the most fulfilling things for him and definitely something that he envisioned as part of the Hendrix culture. As Senior Vice President, he has always taken his role seriously. With reference to an old elementary joke, “Why do ducks have flat feet? To stomp out forest fires. Why do elephants have flat feet? To stomp out flaming ducks”, Kurt says he’s the guy who ‘stomps out flaming ducks’. No, not literally guys! That would be really bad for the ducks! What Kurt means is that he is able to bring more assets into play to solve a problem, perhaps even assets from other branches, on which a more junior manager might not be able to call. He credits his ability do this because the time he served in the Army, where the greatest lesson he learned was that it is always about the people involved and how they work together.

When Kurt is not at work, he spends his time reading, even on the go! He thinks it’s amazing how you can probably fit several thousand books, an entire library, on a tablet or iPad. So convenient he says! Apart from that, he enjoys spending a lot of time hiking with his wife Susan. He loves the talks they have and there is always an opportunity to learn and grow together. Kurt also enjoys writing. In fact, he got an opportunity to write for his church’s newsletter column and found that to be very rewarding.

For the most part, Kurt’s job is to hold the fort down and sometimes that can be a weighing task but he lives and works by the lesson that the most important part of a business is the people!  Kurt wanted to personally take the time out to extend warm Christmas wishes to all of our clients, the employees and any supplier or third party businesses that have in some way, contributed to the growth and success of Hendrix Business Systems. Your continuous support, loyalty, understanding, and constant dedication is the reason we shine so brightly. And on behalf of our Hendrix family, we hope that on this Christmas and always, that you shine as brightly as you always can! Happy holidays!

Xerox Wins Coveted 2019 Document Imaging Software Line of the Year Award from the Analysts at Keypoint Intelligence

Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab, the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging software, hardware, and services, today announced that Xerox Corporation has won Buyers Lab’s coveted 2019 Document Imaging Software Line of the Year award. Given once a year, this award recognizes the vendor that offers the most complete software portfolio across the range of document imaging solutions categories that Buyers Lab covers on its bliQ subscription service.

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Roger Hendrix Races to Meet your Imaging Needs!!

Roger Hendrix, President/CEO, pushes the limits at the NASCAR Racing Experience by achieving a speed of over 150 MPH!

Watch his run by Clicking Here!

Security for Everyone

The digital revolution and the hyperconnectivity that comes with it has resulted in tremendous benefits for those who can participate. But many seek vulnerabilities for personal gain, promotion of ideology, espionage, geopolitical influence, or just for fun. Some consequences are minor inconvenience, and some consequences are devastating.

HP understands the pain our customers feel when they are affected. In 2016, Symantec reported 1,209 confirmed breaches which exposed more than one billion user identities. PWC reported that 32 percent of companies disclosed an incident of cybercrime. According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a breach is roughly $9.5 million USD.

These are alarming numbers, yet they still underestimate the total impact because it is hard to correlate incidents for individual consumers. It is estimated that 71 percent of breaches start from an endpoint device, such as a PC or printer. This means our products are the first defense.

For many years, HP has been leading endpoint device security, such as HP SureStart. We can say with honesty that we sell the world’s most secure printers and the world’s most secure and manageable PCs.Have you seen The Wolf video series?

Because security is a critical promise to customers, we strive to deliver the best security technology. HP’s Chief Information Security Officer, Jack Clark, calls this “secure products, built securely.” This is a guiding principle for HP’s product security strategy.

We must have a culture of security throughout the company. Security is a team sport, which requires that all be knowledgeable about the security of the products and services we deliver to our customers. But security is a big topic, and requires complex technologies. To educate non-security professionals, our team is developing a series of short videos titled Security for Everyone. The series includes many security topics, and each video introduces a new security topic. This is part of HP’s broader Technologies for Everyone series. The mission is to make fundamental technologies readily accessible to everyone at HP.