Advanced Training

Fiery TrainingFiery Training

Hendrix Business Systems, Inc. will work with you on achieving the absolute best out of your new Canon imagePASS device with hands-on FIERY ADVANCED TRAINING 101 in YOUR business environment.


  1. Command Workstation Overview – Manage your print jobs, have control over your devices and streamline your workflows in a real world environment.
  2. Understanding Color Profiles – Ever need to print the same job on multiple devices and the print is a different color? Learn to create custom color profiles and match one device to another.
  3. Pantone© Color Matching – Do you or your client need to match a certain color? Learn how to access and customize the Pantone© color library to satisfy you and your customers needs.
  4. Custom Media Calibrations – Calibrating is key to keep your device maintaining color consistency from day to day. Learn how to produce a custom color gamut for your media choice.
  5. Fiery Sequence Compose – Take your work to the next step and build custom job templates to help streamline your workflow.
  6. Other Graphics Software – learn the basics of Adobe© Suite and get the most out of your Canon imagePASS to produce extraordinary prints for you and your clients.