Managed Print Services (MPS)


Capture Visibility
Create a Productive Environment
Improve Your Bottom Line

Printers.  Necessary evils in any business that are easy to ignore until one’s not doing what it’s expected to do.  Having the problem solved quickly and simply before it impacts your business becomes the priority.  Then the pressure’s on.  Do we have a toner?  Who do I call?  What’s it going to cost to fix it?  Is it even WORTH fixing?  All legitimate questions…but could you actually answer them? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do that confidently?  Wouldn’t it be even better if you could actually SAVE up to 30% or more in the process?  With Managed Print Services Solutions from Hendrix Business Systems, you could.


By combining affordable hardware with advanced network solutions, we provided you a total solutions package designed to lower cost and increase productivity.