Brandon Sherrill grew up in North Carolina where he attended Independence High School. After graduating with honors, he obtained a degree in Industrial Designs at The Savannah College of Art and Design. His first job was as a graphic designer and prepress operator at a small print shop. His passion for the industry motivated him to continue his professional development and he has since received many certifications and accreditations including IGEN certification, EFI Fiery Pro and more.  His background in color management, graphic designing, troubleshooting, workflow management and customizing workflows for end users has been invaluable to the small and large firms he has worked for over the years.

Interestingly enough, Brandon was a former customer of Hendrix Business Systems and was very impressed with the great service he received and the knowledge of our staff. He subsequently applied for a job at the company and was offered the position of ‘Production Support Specialist’, a position created specifically for him as management believed his unique skill set would help bridge the gap between sales and technology.  His over 14 years of experience in the industry prior to joining our team four years ago has proven invaluable in his education of the sales team about the products the company sells. Similarly, his testing of potential machines/technology purchases ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction for our clients before they make their investment. Brandon also enjoys training end users and visiting our clients. A great day for him is when he is able to assist customers and witness them being pleased with the service received. This inclination for customer satisfaction is a trait that is embedded in both the Hendrix family and Brandon.

Brandon is grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a great company and to have had many remarkable experiences throughout the years. One that comes to mind and is worth mentioning was when he was doing a service training for the Carolina Panthers and he was lucky enough to have a t-shirt signed by Luke Kuechly (Panther linebacker and one of Brandon’s favorite players). He even got the opportunity to meet coach Ron Rivera! Brandon was so excited, he forgot to take a picture with them, but it was an experience that is indelibly etched in his memory and was definitely one of the most exciting installs he has ever done. Another great aspect of the firm that Brandon can attest to is Roger Hendrix’s commitment to not his customers, but also the growth and professional development of his team.  As such, encourage abounds in the firm for staff to pursue higher levels of education in their field. Speaking of teams and fields…another Brandon is also very proud of being the founder and coach of the Hendrix slow pitch softball team.

You might be surprised to know that Brandon has a black belt in taekwondo,  which was sparked from his child fascination with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! He also knows how to cut his own hair, a skill not many of us can say we have under our belt.  Brandon always puts God first, he comes from a Christian home and was taught to treat others as you would like to be treated. This was instilled in him by his grandfather, Charles Wesley Long,  fondly known as ‘Paw Paw’, who played a significant role molding Brandon into the man he is today. Life’s lessons from his grandparents can be credited for his humble demeanor and desire to learn something new everyday. Brandon loves to always be of assistance to his customers, so if you’re in need of some black belt level office machinery setup, support and training…give him a call!