After serving 6 years in the Navy, Morgan Rogers returned home to North Carolina and began working at Hendrix Business Systems, the company his grandfather created. He started out part-time with the Delivery team, while also pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering at UNC Charlotte.  Gifted with a talent for technology, Morgan quickly transitioned from the Delivery to being an integral part of the IT Department. Once he graduated, he moved to full-time responsibilities as our Software Solutions Specialist.

As a specialist,  he has now become an invaluable link between the client and the technology, assisting customers with the products that will help their companies grow.  Morgan is most proud of his involvement with the success and growth of software solutions here at Hendrix Business Systems. It is not easy to explain an intangible item to a client, but he found ways to demystify the solutions and explain them in a way that allows the client to see the value of the software. This approach has allowed Morgan to thrive as he is great at building and maintaining strong relationships with clients…in fact, his favorite part of his role is the face-to-face interactions while he is onsite.

Morgan takes the lead in both customer Proof of Concept demonstrations and in behind-the-scenes lab tests with new and emerging print and document solutions. Never satisfied with simply “doing things as they’ve always been done”, he works to refine integrated systems to enhance the user experience. Additionally, he has extensive experience with uniFLOW—an industry-leading single-platform solution for both printing and scanning. Utilizing his expertise has made Hendrix Business Systems one of the top 25 uniFLOW dealers in the U.S.

Morgan believes that knowledge and experience are the main ingredients that set Hendrix Business Systems apart from its competitors. Hendrix undoubtedly has some of the most experienced and knowledgeable technicians in the area, who routinely perform tasks that some other dealers think are impossible!  This allows Morgan and his team to handle problems quickly and without the need to call for tier two support on common problems, which saves time for our clients. And because he’s not satisfied with resting on his laurels, he’s always working to improve and expand his team’s efficiency. Any improvements he makes are then passed on to our customers, assuring that they’ll stay ahead of the curve.

For those who know Morgan personally, they’ll know that he’s all about technology. Even in his leisure time he enjoys working with computers and programming robotics and video games. Now, you might be curious as to where all this tech ingenuity comes from. He credits his father and grandfather as they were ‘always building something’. As a child, Morgan often observed and participated in these various projects with them. Morgan comes from a large family and credits them for him being the friendly, knowledgeable and creative man he is today.

Morgan loves assisting anyone in any way he can…so don’t hesitate to contact him if you need assistance!