In today’s fast pace, the innovative world we find the need to be constantly developing our skills and expertise to keep up with technological advancements. Chuck Crotts’ ability to do so translates to eloquence, evolution, and synchronicity and has become more of a lifestyle choice than personality traits. Chuck is an uncanny math whiz and our Director of Production Print at Hendrix Business Systems.

Chuck attended North Carolina State in the mid-80s and had majored in Mathematics. He says he was always a numbers guy. After high school, he spent eighteen years working for a company called Applied Copier where he was Head of Production Print. His strong belief in always putting customers first was something he found he had in common with our CEO Roger Hendrix, and is what motivated him to join Hendrix Business Systems. It has been three years since Chuck Crotts has been serving in the capacity of Director of Production Print. In that time, he played a significant role in helping Hendrix Business Systems go from basically being nonexistent in the production print industry, to becoming the 15th largest production print dealer with Canon USA. Before, Hendrix was more of a workgroup dealer and although we sold production print, we did not specialize in it. But with Chuck here, production print has become more of a key focus for the business.

One of his major accomplishments was being successful in transitioning a Fortune 500 insurance company’s in-house print facility away from Xerox to a Canon stronghold. But Chuck can’t take all the credit for this job. He explains that all through the project, it has been a team effort, adding that, ‘We win together because of each other’.

“Our team’s ability to offer immediate and excellent customer service at just a phone call away and to be prompt in conflict resolution and customer queries is what sets us apart from our competitors.” – Chuck Crotts

Recently, his days have been spent focusing on the launch of a new division within production print. The Oce Colorado wide format product is an initiative to expand the capabilities of what Hendrix Business Systems offer to our customers. This new and exciting option comes because cut sheet printing is shrinking and the need for a new avenue arose.

“At Hendrix, every day we work towards exceeding our customers’ expectations. Not only do we aim to provide a service but we work towards building relationships, being a valued partner, and helping our customers achieve their goals.” – Chuck Crotts

For Chuck, honesty is the most valuable trait a person can have. This is a quality he got from his father, one of the biggest mentors in his life. Chuck thinks of his father as his hero and explained how he taught him pretty much everything that he knows. He enjoys watching his beloved Wolf Pack and other sports as well. When he is not at home catching up on some basketball, he spends his time with his wife, Leigh, his son, Lewis, and his daughter, Kinkead. Kinkead is a competitive rower and the family enjoys supporting her at school events.

Chuck describes himself as blessed! He is grateful for his life and the people around him. He is happy that he gets to make a meaningful contribution through the work that he does.  So the next time you’re at Hendrix Business Systems, say ‘Hi’ to Chuck Crotts.