Passionate about learning new things and keeping abreast with the rapid changes in the IT field, Tom Sexton is someone who combines a solid understanding of computer fundamentals with years of hands-on experience and troubleshooting skills.  As Director of IT at Hendrix Business Systems, Tom is proud of his accomplishments over the 30 years that he’s been with the company.

Looking back, Tom says he has absolutely no regrets. Tom started his career as a delivery driver for A.F. Dancy Company in 1973.  In 1974 he learned how to repair the then highly popular IBM Selectric typewriters, a skill he developed and used to repair end user’s equipment and on occasion, even other dealer’s equipment. When the typewriter business faded, Tom had to change his business model where his focus was more on computers and computer repairs. He has always loved the challenge of taking something that is broken and fixing it, whether it be mechanical or nowadays, digital.

In December 1987, Tom was in the process of closing his business in Charlotte and selling store fixtures when Roger Hendrix and Kurt Hendrix came to buy some shelving.  They had a conversation during that encounter and Tom was invited to visit the Hendrix store in Monroe since he was at the time deciding what was going to come next in business. Tom choose Hendrix because he saw this as an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a growing company.  Hendrix Business Systems has a great staff of employees and they take pride in providing their customers with a product or service, often the same day or next. They are flexible to their customer’s needs much more than their competitors. Whilst their competitors take an average of 4 days to set up and connect after delivering a machine, Hendrix usually delivers, setup and connect the same day.  Providing exceptional customer service is a priority to the company and taking care of its staff is equally important and this is one of many things that make Tom feels at home. Just over 30 years later, Tom frequently pats himself on the shoulder for making the decision to join the Hendrix Business Systems family.

As the business grew, the need for tracking service calls by other means than paper notes became apparent.  Tom is still today very proud of the customized database program he wrote to enter, track and print service calls and invoices on an electronic typewriter.  Since the program was custom, modifications were easily made to accommodate business growth and needs. In recent times, Tom completed the implementation of a network and telephone system, which gives the company the ability to connect and manage all their branches under one standard communication platform, another challenging project successfully completed of which he is proud.   One of Tom’s proudest moments was when Roger Hendrix presented him with a crystal plaque celebrating his 25 years with Hendrix Business Systems. Tom’s innate ability to be a problem solver also helped him receive a letter of commendation for writing a program for a local volunteer fire department to track ambulance response calls. So when he is not busy writing programs or doing anything IT related, you might be surprised to know that as much as he loves technology, he’s not on social media as he’s not a fan. Instead, he’s likely to be at the movies, going to comedy clubs, taking a trip or just simply listening to music as he finds this most enjoyable.

Tom credits his parents and eight years of private school for molding the person he is today. He also believes that without trustworthiness and truthfulness, no-one can succeed in anything.

So the next time you have an interaction with Tom Sexton, just remember that he, just like everyone else here, is ready and willing to make your experience with Hendrix Business Systems a memorable and satisfying one. Come in and see us, or click here to learn more about the services we offer.