The apple didn’t fall very far from the tree, Tim Manuel’s interest in the marketing field stemmed from being inspired by his father – Bob Manuel who was a marketer for a large cap company. His father’s excitement with the field led Tim to decide to follow in his father’s footsteps after graduating Fairfield Preparatory School in Connecticut. He went on to complete his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing at the University of Maryland, College Park.  After some time in the workplace, he later earned a Master’s Degree in Marketing from Johns Hopkins University.

Wanting a challenge, Tim determined that he wanted to put himself in an industry that was highly competitive, with that in mind..the copier industry is where he headed.  Tim decided to step up to the challenge and in 2010, joined the Hendrix Business Systems team as a sales personnel. After a few years, he transferred from sales to more of an operational and marketing role as Roger Hendrix wanted to utilize his marketing background.

His time on the sales team proved to be valuable because in his new position he could affect positive change immediately, especially in areas that help the Sales Team conduct their job more effectively. More specially,  he was instrumental in transforming an out of the box CRM system into a sophisticated and user friendly sales tool. This was a very big project which was very crucial to the development of the company. It involved managing and writing codes, data management and conducting the related training sessions. Plus, the CRM systems is a Critical Sales tool in prospecting, creating a sales deals, pricing, and managing sales paperwork. All of which are essential to the operational success of the company.

In addition, this role change proved to be a step in the right direction for the company. Tim was able to both develop and utilize his project management skills to open our office in downtown Charlotte. He was involved in everything from the construction phase, dealing with the architects, putting up signage to finally opening our doors to the public.

Tim has been essential in executing various Technology Shows in each of the four Hendrix Business Systems locations, which have been an important way of driving sales for the company.

Tim views the company’s ability to be very flexible and efficient are traits that make our high level of customer service and satisfaction consistent. Hendrix understands the adverse impact on customers’ productivity when their system goes down or a copier has stopped working.

Hendrix also plays its part in keeping the environment safe and sustainable by implementing recycling programs. We ask customers to turn in their used toners and inks so that we can dispose of them properly. This type of program is an initiative that Tim wishes other companies in the same field would also adopt to help make the environment a safer place.

All the team members who attended the last company picnic were pleasantly surprised to have their ears treated to his sweet guitar music. Yup, you read that correctly. A little known fact about Tim is that he has been playing the guitar since he was 19 years old! As a high schooler, he was quite the interactive type as well. He was part of the Sea Scouts, BSA, Ship 84, in Southport Connecticut, which under the leadership of a great scouts master and team, he learned how to work with a team, be a good leader and to always work hard.

Even though Tim spent four years of his early life living in Puerto Rico, he readily admits his spanish is a bit rusty. So the next time you are in contact with him be sure to ask  ‘como estas?’, and see how he responds.

Tim can be contacted here and he will definitely be willing to give the spanish convo a shot and at the same time, take care of all your business needs.